Gas boiler will not come on after rnning out of water

I have a gas boilerIt is a peerless 61-05-STDG-S. Every week or so, I have to go into the basement and make sure to add water too it because it shuts down if it runs out. Well it must have been colder than normal because it ran out faster than it usually does. So now the heater is completely off. First off, I thought it was the pilot, but turns out that is still lit. So I researched a little bit last night and some things I tried so far are I tried turning the thermostat off, the breaker off, and the switch above the furnace off and turned them back on. Even tried just breaker and thermostat or switch and thermostat. I did try to give each a few minutes as well before turning them back on. Nothing also when I have power to it, and try to turn it on from the thermostat, it sounds like it is firing, but nothing happens, usually you can hear the fans come on. The firing doesn't seem as regular though, usually it would go with every turn of the thermostat but it doenst seem to be doing it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I also tried draining out all the water from the LWCO and putting in some more. From some further looking I found the vent safety shut off switch. I was looking for a light type switch and thats how I missed it. It was just a small little metal thing and I saw it was turned that the vent was off. I turned it back to on using pliers because it was difficult. I did this with the breaker and switch for the boiler shut off. I turned them back on and it tripped right away. Tried again and the same thing. From what I read this happens form excess heat. Which at this point isn't possible since its been off for 2 days and only the pilot remains. I don't know what to do at this point.
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