correct thermostat setup

We got a new thermostat to replace the old mercury bulb (or whatever's in there) type. The person who set it up doesn't know if it's right.
The thermostat is a FocusPRO TH5220D.
The outside unit: TRANE BTB718A 100A1 Compr. Mot. 10.2 44 LRA O.D. Mot. 1.9 1/8 HP Regrig 22 2 lbs 4 oz min CKT 16 amps CTK BRKR 20 amps 230 V 60 HZ MFR DATE 3/85
The inside unit: TRANE BLU055E924B1 Gas fired forced air furnace 115 V 12 Amp 1 PH 60 HZ 55.00 BTU/HR Air temp MSE 50-80 deg. F. Max outlet air temp 190 deg. F.
The wires that are hooked up on the thermostat are G W Y R-RC (R and RC have a connecter joining them). The only other wire, blue, is not connected to anything.
The wiring matches the diagram (thermostat manual) for a 1H/1C System with 1 transformer, where wire C - "optional 24VAC common connection" - is unhooked.
The thermostat system type is set to '0' - 1 heat/1 cool conventional. Other options are for a heat pump, heat or cool only, and then 2 heat /2 cool conventional, 2 heat/1 cool conventional, and 1 heat/2 cool conventional.
Other settings: 3- Fan Control - set to Gas furnace equipment controls fan in heating. (Other option is electric furnace controls fan in heating.) 5- Stage 1 Heat Cycle - set to 5, for Gas furnaces with < 90% efficiency. (other options are > 90% and electric) 9- Stage 1 Compressor cycle rate - set to 3, recommended for most. (Other options are1 - 6.) 12- Manual/Auto changeover - set to 1, Auto changeover-heat/cool/auto/off. (Other options are Manual changeover- heat/cool/off and Auto changeover only- Auto. 15- Compressor protection - 5 minute compressor off time. (Other options are 0 - 4.) Other options are not selectable with system type set to '0' - such as changeover valve, stage 2 heat cycle, auxilliary heat cycle, emergency heat cycle, and stage 2 compressor.
Does everything look okay? (Heating and cooling is working...) Thanks
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