I connected two 50 gallon gas water heaters in series. No hot water from tap ?

I have two 50 gallon gas water heaters which are connected in series with each other, Both have hot water. but no hot water coming from the tap. What can be the problem?
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The description to your question is to vague. There are a few possibilities as to why no hot water is coming out of your tap. 1. The first question I would ask you is it only one tap that's not getting hot water? 2. Do you get any water to the tap or taps at all?
Possibilities 1. When the water heaters were purged of air when being filled it will cause a lot of turbulence in your water lines and can plug up your fixtures. Especially if you have galvanized pipes. The course of action to take when purging is to open the hot tap on a bath tub. Preferably the furthest one from the water heater, usually that's the master bath. And don't have you're valve all the way on for the cold inlet on the water water heater while filling the tanks. Throttle it down a bit.
2. If you only get cold water to the taps, but you for sure have hot water in the tanks. Then something was cross connected while hooking up your water heaters.
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