Winter grass

Forgive me this isn't actuall gardening, but I thought some experts here co
uld help me. To make a long story short, I want some winter grass to spread
. It's tall now 12" to 15" and has gone to seed but it's all green yet. I
t's in the lawn so eventually I'd like to mow it and spread the seeds for n
ext winter. The big question is how long must the seed mature before I can
cut it? Must I wait till it get's too hot and it dies? Or just when the s
eeds turn brown? Let me know if pictures are allowed here.
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yes, let it start drying out before cutting it, but don't let it get too dry as then the seeds will fall off when you cut it. you can, of course thresh it over a container to catch it. let it dry completely (spread it thin on a newspaper in a spot where it won't be in the way for several weeks ) before storing it.
depending upon your climate it may be best to wait until the cooler fall weather to use it.
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