To deadhead or not to deadhead !!!

Hello All,
Firstly thanks for the responses in advance... i appreciate it.
I'm very new to the whole gardening pastime, so would appreciate some help with this...
I have a potted plant, inherited from the previous tenant. Not sure what it is. I suspect that it may be a dahlia. The branches are fairly bare. They have some foliage towards the top, but none along the stalks. I've attached pics for you to see.
I can see some bulbs beginning to appear, and i was wondering if i should deadhead these. Would that help ?
My logic was that if i dead head the plant, then it should divert energy to bringing out its foliage, and thus healthier plant and more flowers. Or have i got this completely wrong???
I'm basically trying to give it a chance at life after the winter...!!! :-)
Thanks again for your advice. SilverSurfer
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