Tangient on moving cacti and succulents and African bulbs on the "Great Group" thread

I tend to agree. I visit and try to contribute HERE. I've been visiting here for about 8 years., It never lets me down. Good information most of the time, great conversations and food fights, some quarrels, some mud slinging, some shit and a lot of fun in between. I still am amused by the people who are too straight laced and pounce upon non-thinking or impulsively writing folks who screw up upon occasion.
I also visit GardenWeb and carefully avoid Spike. I post upon occasion, I ask questions, but there is a huge amount of information and connection to a huge amount of people in more diversified forums at times. I'd never be able to read or respond back to some, but it's still impressive. I mean, I can go to the sanseveria forum and inquire about "Congo" sans and someone will know what I'm talking about.............., and that NOW FINALLY, the rhizome I got two years ago has produced a new leaf!! or that my "Twisted Sister" rhizome isn't growing twisted, but maybe it will take time. Some grow like weeds, others are slooooooow growers and take patience. At least their almost cast iron to grow.
I just miss some of our regulars who have fallen by the wayside because AOL dropped newsgroups. Hope fall is going well with you Cereus. I actually have a Haemanthus that has THREE new flower spikes on it along with leaves. AMAZING. It usually doesn't bloom for me until February or early March. This is twice in a year. I just hope it's not the weird weather and that the bulbs are just maturing and bloom more the older they get. I'm tempted to bump the whole pot up larger with richer soil but I know that they prefer crowded quarters and can remain in the same pot for as long as five years.
It's almost time for me to start contemplating the trek inside the house with all the cacti and succulents and tropical's who are too tender to leave in their pots outside for the winter. This is the season I long for a sunroom, nothing large, just big enough for two chairs with thick, glass bricks on the bottom of double pane huge windows all the way around.............the more light the happier, and just enough insulation to allow the room to never get below 40oF.....one can dream.....Everyone got moved out late this year, and sad to say I've procrastinated in one area that is totally unbecoming of myself. *
This year with the help of a garden friend who came over for supper, had donned her leather corset and Betty Bam-a-lam and spike heels and proceeded to help me organize the storage space along the wall that backs my kitchen porch. We even used the muscle of oldest son to bring down the other old album shelves to fit up against the first ones I'd incorporated to house the various pots and supplies.
Karol saw I needed MORE organization, especially since she had cleaned out her own storage shed and was bequeathing to me some awesome glazed pots she was passing on to me. I'm a pot freak. I love them. So we helped each other. She has her own landscape business and I don't mind her bossing me. It works better that way sometimes. (I tend to get distracted easily, the fairy's whisperings can be sooo distractive! <g>)
By the time we sorted the pots, swept the side porch and stacked the containers, threw away less than savable assorted pots, and set up the second shelves, I wondered how I had managed this long without them. *But the one thing I forgot to do was go retrieve the empty pots underneath the aquarium where the smaller pots of cacti and succulents winter that Squire rigged a florescent light underneath the aquarium to provide light to the little pricklies. I lost quite a few of them due to my dry house and being distracted. So here I am, I have to gather, wash and empty the soils into the recycle bucket before I can put the small pots of cacti and succulents underneath the aquarium for late Fall and Wintering. sigh,,,,,,,,how I wish I could hit the lottery and have a sunroom! LOL
off to meander garden stuff.................. madgardener up on the sunny and PERFECT fall day (just a bit TOOO dry) on the ridge, back in Fairy Holler, overlooking English Mountain where there probably won't be fall colors this year due to the hot and dry spell we've had these past two months, in Eastern Tennessee, zone 7, Sunset zone 36
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