Suggestion please?? Need a specimen shrub

I have a 4 ' x 4' piece of ground next to where my driveway meets the street and would
to plant an evergreen shrub which is dense but will look nice when trimmed to be in that
space. Can be about 4 ' high.
I was thinking about the type of evergreen that has needles and seemed to be easily
trimmed... seen a lot of them in yards but don't know the name or which varieties are
the best ones to get.
Are there any other choices that one would use ?? I already have hollies, roses, yews
and other classical plants in adjacent beds, but would like this to be a nice..."knock
your socks off" entryway into the garden.
Located in zone 7.... location gets full sun, temp's range from -10 to 105. We
get some decent rainfall over here in sunny maryland, but also a couple of years of
drought every now and then.
Thanks in advance for your suggestions !!!
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The hedgeable evergreens you're seeing along curbs are probably junipers, there are scores of cultivars in every size-need & form. They can be drought hardy but look much nicer if watered. If the area by the curb is watered well, you could use the less drought-hardy but otherwise very hardy Chamaecyparis pisifera, or Japanese False Cypress, which also has scores upon scores of cultivars in any size & form needed, but look at the threadleaf forms which are like multiple green fountains.
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