Spots on leaves and droopiness

My tomato and pepper plants have spots on the leaves and I'd like to know what to do.
I planted these on May 24 in containers and set them on my deck. I sprayed them on May 28 with a spray that contains potassium salts of fatty acids and sulfur because there were small bugs on them. A few days later, I noticed a few spots on the pepper plant at the tips of the bottom leaves. Then today I noticed spots on the tomato plants mostly near the bottom.
Here's a picture of the tomato plants -
Also, my pepper plant has gotten extremely droopy leaves since planting it. When I purchased it, there was already a bloom (I guess that's what they're called) on it. By the time I got it planted, there was already a small pepper growing on it.
Could any of these problems be caused by self-watering bottles that I have set up in the containers? Perhaps there's a problem with things getting in the water that could cause disease or fungus? Or maybe the plants aren't getting enough water?
What can I do to save the plants? I only have two tomato plants and one pepper plant.
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