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AC>Last fall we paid some one to replace our lawn. Most of our lawn looks AC>good but lot of areas the lawn is not thick. This is causing some AC>weeds to prop up in the lawn. I am trying to figure out a way to AC>thinken my lawn AC>One of the reason for thin lawn i am thinking is the ground level. AC>Where ever the lawn is thin, i am assuming the ground is not leveled AC>so the grass is not spreading properly. AC>I was just wondering whether i can put some top soil and rake it to AC>level the ground. AC>Does any one has any suggestions about making my lawn think? AC>I live near cleveland, OH area. When the landscaper put the lawn he AC>used Kentucky Blue grass and he said he used 50%-50% mix. I am not AC>sure what exactly that mix is!!
Thinly rooted lawns generally require more watering (after sunset helps) than more robustly rooted lawns. Our new neighbor inherited a similar difficulty you have discribed. He bought some hay from the garden center and spread it over the sparce areas after pulling the weeds. It appears to be working.
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