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I have had some excellant results with both my front lawn (that sounds like your partly shaded area) and smaller side area here in Middlesex County with Ace Hardware's Green Turf seed and furtilizer planted a little over 4 weeks ago; and I have had to cut it twice already yet.
(It has been a strange spring that seems more like a fall, but we New Englanders are used to that; aren't we ?-)
Ciao, Ack.
MA>repair it right away. We realize that this is not the best time to put in n MA>grass or overseed here in southern New England, but perhaps there are strai MA>of grass that could be coaxed to grow despite the summer temperatures here. MA>It's a partly shaded area getting about 4-5 hours of MA>direct sun during the day.MA>Would appreciate suggestions regarding types/mixtures of grass that anyone h MA>had luck with under these conditions.MA>--- BBBS/NT v4.01 Flag-5 MA> * Origin: FamilyNet Sponsored by (8:8/200
SLMR 2.1a Sculpturs and golfers both chip a lot. (Salada)

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