Re: tips of leaves of pyracantha going brown

scooby_s;849713 Wrote: > Hi,

> roots have barely grown since a year ago so it fits the pot nicely.

Hi there, I'm new on the forum but a reasonably experienced gardener with two very healthy pyracanthas, including the popular 'Mohave.'
It sounds to me as if despite your watering, the plant is not getting enough water. This may be counter-intuitive, but it is possible. Pyracanthas are in the rose family and they are very thirsty, especially in containers.
In well-managed borders with good soil, they develop extensive root systems and on some aspects, therefore appear to do with little water in the short term.
If I were you, I would carefully tap the sides of the container and remove the entire plant to inspect the rootball. It may be that you find it is very densely packed, preventing water retention in the container and, subsequently, uptake in the plant.
If this is the case, soak the rootball thorougly for an hour, then transplant in a bigger pot, backfilled with a mixture of something like perlite, compost and garden loam.
See how you get on.
Homer Sparrow

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