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> >In snipped-for-privacy@edsi.plexus.COM (Greg C. Steiner) writes: > >
> >>Is there such a device as a hand-powered chipper/shredder? I
> >>don't have $200 to spend on a 3hp electrical one. I also prefer
> >>to use elbow-grease to get my yard work done.
> >>I'm not looking to chop logs...just leaves, grass and a few
> >>branches that get trimmed each year.
> >Yes!
> I've always thought it would be neat if you could have a garbage
> disposal on your kitchen sink that would save the ground up stuff in a
> container so you could throw it on the compost.
Would that be called a "blender"? lol
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in almost 30 years it is likely that whatever it was is rotted by now no matter what was done to it. :)
however, in the aims of keeping things simple and having me do as little as possible i bury garden scraps at the end of the season and let the soil community figure out what to do with it.
indoors i keep a set of buckets with worms in them to take care of all kitchen scraps and all paper scraps. the most problem i have is any plastic coated items and i hope to put those in the recycling or in the trash. sometimes package designers put layers of plastic between layers of cardstock so i no longer shred cardstock of any kind, it all gets sent to the recycling people instead.
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