Re: composting cat litter

Mogie wrote:

Well, we composted it for years in the 'flower compost'. It breaks down pretty well. I still compost the dog detrius, but it doesn't come with cat litter attached. HOWEVER, and this is REALLY important: If you have a pregnant woman, a small child, an elderly person, or anyone who is immune-compromised living in the house, either do not let them handle the compost or do not put cat litter in it! [And, they shouldn't be emptying the cat box, either.] Cats carry several diseases which generally don't hurt the cats but can be fatal to the above groups. My poor husband has spent the past five years emptying the cat box daily because I'm immune-compromised . . . the doc also wanted me to give up the cats, but, THAT's not happening -- I won't get any MORE; but, if he thinks I'm giving my babies away, he has another think coming! :)
Chris Owens
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