planting grass seed in north florida during the winter?

I am in northern florida where many plants go dormant during the winter. Recently we dug a large pond and spread the dirt 1 foot deep over at least an acre... Since the soil is barren and soft I would love to buy and spread grass seed at this point (late December)... Everywhere I read concerning grass seed it says to plant it in the spring... however I would love to put it down now to get it over with and because the soil is currently so workable. My thought is that the seed would remain dormant until the spring anyway... After all doesn't in nature the grass seed develops on the grass during the late summer and fall and then it falls to the ground where it stays until it sprouts in the spring... So will I be wasting the seed if I put it out now... (I am thinking of a mix of common bermuda, centipede, and carpet grass)... I am also going to sprig in St. Augustine later... I know that it is a "scattergun" approach to grass but I figure that the one best suited for the conditions will thrive and takeover.. Thanks David
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