Personal garden space at New Jerusalem

Would you like your own dedicated garden space at New Jerusalem?
I'll be opening up space in the Herb Gardens Of New Jerusalem for individuals who would like to have their own plot. The size of the areas will be 10x10 foot each, and the majority will be in full sun all day long. Here's how it works: I lay out a ten foot by ten foot square area that is yours. I will plant stuff there that you donate, either by seed or actual growing plant. If you want me to put stuff in there, let me know what and if it will grow in Georgia I will try to get it. If you just don't know, here is a short list of what I have growing that will probably do well in full sun in your garden space: Rosemary, Red Sumac, Elderberry, Southern Mimosa and Thorny Mimosa, Fennel, Lamb's Ear, Dandelion, Passion Flower (Maypop), Spicy Oregano, Verbena, Licorice, Common Plantains, Wild Rose, Catalily, Wormwood, German Chamomile, Feverfew, Raven's Mint, Golden Yam (sweet potato) and Muskidime (including red and white varieties). This list could grow, and you can pick up to nine of the above herbs for your plot, in addition to anything you'd like to contribute. Fruit bearing trees and shrubs and vegetables are welcomed.
If you have seeds, please check to make sure it is a plant that will live in North Georgia and especially one that will do well in hot full sun. I cannot guarantee that seeds you send me will sprout, grow and thrive, but we'll try our best! Please, do NOT send me seeds of illegal plants. Even though The Word does allow all plants to be grown for the benefit of humankind, including varieties of hemp, our insidious laws here in the land of the free don't. So no weed seeds, please! I also cannot allow vines such as Blackberry and Wisteria that go far distances under or above ground, as they are impossible to keep in one area without alot of digging up new sprouts and roots, and if it goes into other plots, that's not cool.
Once your plot has been planted, I will keep it weeded, watered and taken care of. I will post pictures online of it for you and you will be welcomed to come and work in it yourself as well as harvest the herbs and other plants from it. I cannot harvest the herbs and ship them to you myself, I cannot afford that. Each lot will be laid out with natural cut wood logs or rocks as a border.
I'd love to do this for free, but not only would I run out of space quickly, I simply cannot take the time to do this for you at my leisure. I already have a full schedule as is, and that's putting it lightly. I'd like to do this though, I've been enlightened to in fact, so I feel the following is more than reasonable:
(get in touch for information - The plot is yours for a garden, not a deed to the legal ownership of the land. After your plot is laid out, I will post a picture for you online, as well as pics throughout the growing season. You'll need a working email address so I may contact you about your garden.
Each plot will have a simple wooden marker with your name on it if you wish. Annonymous plots are fine too (I know about nosey people, believe me). If you'd like a stone marker, get in touch and we'll discuss this. You may also send me markers, feeders, statuary and other ornaments you'd like to see in your part of the Gardens Of New Jerusalem.
If you'd like a personal garden plot in the Herb Gardens Of New Jerusalem reserved and created in your name, you may inquire by writing me at:
Todd West 6422 Hwy 140 NW Adairsville, GA 30103 USA
Anyone in the world is welcome. I do this to share the gifts of the earth with my people. I must ask that you check with me first before just showing up to work or view in person your garden out of courtesy to me and my family.
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