Peace lily questions

Hello All,
This is a follow-up question to an earlier post regarding peace lilies that were fading once repotted. Of the five resulting pots, two are doing well, one has died, and two are still semi-alive. I was hoping the semi-alive ones would gradually recover but they're still in a somewhat flaccid but not dead state.
The advice I got last time was "don't touch the leaves" and "if the root ball is small in relation to the pot size, uproot them, wash off the roots, and repot in a smaller pot with fresh soil."
So my plan is to see if I can move them to a smaller pot that's more appropriate for the root ball size. Do I need to use fresh soil if I put them in a smaller pot? I only repotted them a couple of months ago so the soil is not that old.
If the pot size is not the problem, what other issues could the plant be having? I'm already controlling moisture and sunlight appropriately.
Thanks, _Chris
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