Paulownia tomentosa seedlings

Hello. As im aware from searching the net trying to find any information on this tree, alot of people find it invasive and therefore irresponsible of me to try and grow this wonderful tree. But the fact is, i went ahead and bought some seeds anyways. I have absoloutely no idea what im doing but somehow managed, out of eight seeds, to get three to germinate. Ive lost one now in its seedling state and i now have two left but they dont seem to be growing. They grew a very small bit and then have stopped and have maintained the same small size for about a week now. I'm watering them and making sure they get indirect light but still, nothing. The instructions that came with the seeds told me to remove the propagator lid once the seedlings appeared which i did, but i then moved them into really really small pots. Was this my error? I just need some information. :)

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