Indoor Majestic Palm

I was warned before purchasing one from Home Depot that Majestic Palms typically do not do well as house plants. Still, its majesty and my stubborness won out and I purchased one against "doctor's orders". Anyway, I have been pleasantly surprised by the results and wish to share this with the collective.
My success story has not been a hard fought battle. I have kept the palm in its original container, lofted on a small pedestal, and sit it in the corner of my bedroom. Knowing that it is a low light plant, I have intentionally placed it behind a window sheer during daylight hours. I water it nightly (more or less) with anywhere from half a liter to a liter of water. Approximately once a week or once every two, I feed it some spray-on plant food from Home Depot which comes from cultivated "worm poop" (their words, not mine). Occassionally, I will prune back the lower branches which brown as it sprouts new, radiant palms above.
No real tricks here, and I have never been known for having a green thumb. I will see how it does getting through its first winter, but public opinion turned out to be incorrect on this buy.
- Intractably
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