help with a sick orchid-laelia gouldiana

I purchased a beautiful, mounted, Laelia Gouldiana a few months ago\. It was doing beautifully, and bloomed just before thanksgiving. I took it back to pittsburgh (I live in NY) with me for the holiday and shortly after I brought it back, the bloom fell off (I imagine bc of the rapid temperature change).
Now, however, it looks like there is a problem with the pseudobulbs! 2 of the 4 (the two that do not have leaves growing from them) are turning yellow/ orange and it looks like they are dying. the tips are also developing a dry, crusty looking bits, and on one of them, it is developing dry, crusty patches along it's surface. Any ideas??
Also, after the bloom is finished, do I cut it off? At what point? (the stem is now brown as well... is that supposed to happen?
I have attached some pictures... please let me know if they don't come through.
This is my first orchid, I really appreciate the help!
thanks Sarah
Also, some of the orchid care resources say that Laelia Gouldianas do best when they are watered less in the winter... is this the case? I have also heard that it is virtually impossible to over water a mounted plant... am I safer to err on the side of too much water in this case? Should it be fertilized? If so, how often?
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