Hi again,
Quick question about Geraniums. These plants (particularly the 'Zonal' variety - I think thatís correct - I'm a n00b and I'm just reading off the labels!) seem to flourish the most in my tiny little garden, so because of that I've bought quite a few.
However, two questions:
1: I've got two red 'Zonal' Geraniums, just bought from different shops. These are identical in every way except one of them appears to have a MUCH higher bloom velocity (not sure if that is a good way to explain!) - basically one of them blooms in an almost perfectly round spherical shape, where as the other (and this is typical of all my other Geraniums regardless of colour or where I bought them) seems to have less bloomage, still pretty with plenty of flowers appearing, but not as perfectly large and spherical as the other. My main point is, can 'breading' if that is the correct usage of words affect what type of flowers and bloom you get? or is it a case of a plant is a plant and individual plants will grow dependant on how you treat them up to a point? It just seems that the 'big' plant seems to be a one off, but it is sooooo much better than all the rest I was going to use it for cuttings and attempt to grow my own....
..which leads me to question 2:
How do you take cuttings from a Geranium? What is the best procedure to use, and assuming I have no greenhouse, how and where would be best to grow them on to make full plants out of them? (and how long does it take?)
Thanks, Dale.

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