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While storms, tornado's, floods, volcanic eruptions and fires constantly remind us we are not the BOSS, the placement of people in positions of authority with no credentials, such as was the case with FEMA, is no new problem for the USA. For many years, while I have been researching, people with no formal background with tree biology (trees and their associates) are placed in a position responsible for decisions on forest (trees and their associates) health. Would you go to a doctor that flunked anatomy? Anatomy must precede physiology.
See we are responsible, as humans, for the well being of creatures with which we have dominion over. Creation Care as some may call it. I hope the day will come when decisions on Federal Public Land will be made by groups of people who have a thorough understanding of tree biology. In fact - The Mississippi Valley Laboratory in St. Louis was established in 1899. Dr. Herman von Schrenk was the director. Studies on wood decay and discoloration were done mostly. In time, the studies drifted toward wood products. In 1907 the lab was discontinued and the Forest Products Laboratory at Madison, Wisconsin took over. The major focus of the lab was on wood products decay. Tree biology never had a chance.
The US FOREST SERVICE (practicing foresters) claim that the Senate mandates the cutting out of wood from the once fertile National Forest. The Senate claims they have expert in the USFS that inform them as of what treatments are best.
The problem, which has been document in a logging journal, is a communication problem between practicing foresters and the scientist or researchers. One example is Rick Santorum who is on a decision making committee and will not even give a definition as to what a forest is too him. Simply unacceptable in this modern age. Lack of understanding of tree biology has been and still is the major cause of problems for trees and their associates worldwide! I rest my case.
John A. Keslick, Jr. Arborist
The article mentioned can be found here.
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