For those of you here on the newsgroup who remember POTTINGSHED (Bev Brown up in Suffolk) Beverly was the FIRST person from the NEWSGROUP to decide to come down from her home in Suffolk to meet me. She loaded up her 6 year old grand daughter, Deme and came for two weeks kinda announced. We had a blast.. We've been friends ever since and I finally got to visit her and stay at her really neat two story old house in the middle of Suffolk last year. I am cutting and pasting this that she sent me. MEaning the internet for whatever miracle, is still on. She needs OUR prayers. I will go out to the driveway and call her facing southwest and holding my foot up and arm out (well, this Spring phone IS a piece of shit..............below is her letter to me.........
My wonderful husband for more than 36 years had a massive stroke on Sunday afternoon. Fortunately I was with him when it happened. The ambulance was here in less than 5 minutes. One of the medics is a family friend and the paramedic was one of the best in Suffolk. When he got to the hospital he had the top ER doc on the Southside. They scanned him and quickly shifted him over to Va Beach General to a highly specialized trauma unit there. As he left Obici Hospital I was told he had very little chance of even surviving. He almost didn't as his heart spotted several times but came back on its own, but a few hours later he was stretched out in the bed and he crossed his own feet as if he were taking a nap on the sofa. He was given a 5% survival. The doctor told us that we needed a miracle for him to get through this. The scanned him again about 4 a.m. When we saw the doctor in the morning he smiled and told us we had our first miracle. His survival has now been upped to 60% as of Tuesday evening, but he is far from being out of the woods. His condition is still critical. He is on a ventilator so he cannot speak. They are also keeping him in a state that is close to being a coma. He seems to know when I am in the room and he can squeeze my hand and move his toes (when he’s not too doped up). These are good signs. For those that know, the cerebellum (sp?) and the brain stem caught the worst of it with about 50% destruction in those areas.
George is my rock. He’s my hero and he has been since the first day I met him. We fell in love almost instantly and were married 5 weeks later. We are still madly in love.
We need a couple more miracles for him to pull through this and be able to walk, talk, see, think, count to ten, and remember what he did for a living. Bev
Thanks for being there
Maddie up on the ridge, back in Faerie Holler, overlooking a rainy English Mountain in Eastern Tennessee with thoughts and prayers going to Bev and George and their two daughters up in Suffolk, Virginia
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