Let me begin by saying that my wife and I are completely unknowledgeable when it comes to gardening. ANY advice concerning our problem will be greatly appreciated.
We are looking for a way to hide our neighbor's chain link fence which is about 3-4 feet high. Since it is not our fence and we are not on the greatest terms with our neighbors, vines or clinging plants are unfortunately out of the question.
The area near the fence receives plenty of unobstructed sunlight and plenty of water -- too much water it seems. It is at the bottom of a slight incline and the soil tends to be quite soggy.
While the local nurseries seem to be able to provide some ideas for seasonal coverage (red twig dogwood seems to be a popular recommendation) they seem to be stumped when it comes to coverage in the winter months.
Obviously, we would like something that is fast growing but year round coverage is definitely our main requirement. We live in the NW suburbs of Chicago (Zone 5).
Again, any advice is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!!!
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