Correct Tree Care Practice

I find your news group to be very informative, however, some lucid instruction on three major tree problems could be addressed. Improper planting, improper mulching and improper pruning. These basic problems are repeated regularly by people who claim to be professionals. A tree should be planted correctly if you are a professional. A well prepared planting site, not a hole in the ground (anybody can dig a hole) and the tree planted at the depth the woody roots are coming off the trunk would be nice. Once in a while. Staking is fine as long as you use broad, belt-like material that will allow the tree to sway. Mulching is pretty simple. Keep mulch at least 6" away from the trunk flare, no more than 3"-4" thick and flat. Volcano mulching is a sign that someone does not understand trees. As far as pruning goes' wouldn't it be nice if people who prune trees would be required to have dissected trees first to understand targets? We address these topics in our Techno Tree Biology Dictionary at All of this talk about organic tree care. If we could just get these three subjects addressed. Anyone interested in learning about proper tree care and being called a professional should be aware of the stuff here - . Just a suggestion.
Sincerely, John A. Keslick, Jr. Consulting Tree Biologist and Beware of so-called tree experts who do not understand tree biology. Storms, fires, floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions keep reminding us that we are not the boss. Some people will buy products they do not understand and not buy books that will give them understanding.
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