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So here I am in eastern Tennessee. In theory at least it is the dead of
winter. The problem is that the daffodils are now 4" high, the hyacinths
threaten to break through the mulch, and the crocus is doing the same. The
forsythia is blooming, as are some of the creeping phlox and periwinkle.
There is no climate change -- the Great Orange God has told us that it is
just a Chinese hoax. Will somebody please tell the plants?
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John McGaw
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On Sun, 12 Jan 2020 15:05:25 -0500, John McGaw wrote:
Here in southern Ontario, about 6 years ago, we had a warm snap < late Feb. early March ? > and the fruit trees came into bud - maybe even open bud - then a hard freeze. No apples that year for me :-(. John T.
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Oh yeah. Just noticed that the frilly red Dianthus that always self-seed by the phlox is blooming now too. I wonder how long it will be before the Azaleas are in bloom...
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John McGaw
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I noticed this weekend, here in Dayton-ish, Ohio, that the daffodils were poking up at the Bob Evan's. Not 4", but they don't usually show up for another month. These are up close to the building and paving, which I assume keeps the ground warmer than normal.
So far, this is a freakishly mild winter here. And that is after 4-5 winters that have been mild except for when the polar vortex fractures. February is our normal deep-freeze. I'm curious if that will hold this year.
Officialy we are USDA zone 6, but it's been feeling a lot like zone 7 the last few years. Not a tragedy for me, but I don't want zone 8.
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Drew Lawson
Worse than I first thought: I went out for the trash can and noticed that some yellow crocus and blue anemone blanda are now in bloom among the creeping phlox. The English bluebells seem to be breaking ground and some of the daylilies are greening up and starting to grow. Daffodils are higher and some have well developed buds so there is no telling when they'll try to start blooming. January 28th right now so I'd put everything as about 1 to 1-1/2 months too early.
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John McGaw

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