Cerius cactus, robins, and city faeries.......

Hello friends, Maddie here.... well, here I am hanging over the edge of the fence again. I miss my garden friends and it's the rabid time of the year. Well, I finally got the last of the cactus and plant stands from Gloria's house this last weekend. It was sure nice to bring daughter of Brenda home again, and she is now proudly sitting very obvious in the front yard next to the front stoop. My next door neighbor has already asked if she's real.........LOL She was dinged up a bit and lost a few hunks of flesh, but given time to heal and heat and rains, she'll maybe send out some strange side shoots from the wounds. If not, I'm tempted to just whack them off and cure than and root them in a new pot. moving her in a station wagon wasn't the easiest thing, I'll tell you. But now it seems official that there is a madgardener or loonygardener in the neighborhood. I'm champing at the bits to get more of my containers back to the house and start building beds. Patience usually is my middle name (yeah, it sounds like Patricia, doesn't it?) but I want those unusual perennials I know are growing without me over in Jefferson City. I either need to hit a small lottery (a few hundred to rent a U-Haul and pay the gasoline and left over enough to maybe put back for a rainy day would be more than enough!LOL) or reach Karol's sense of desperate need and she feels sorry for me. I can't ask her to bring me anything as she's working at her landscaping jobs now and is busier than a cat in a new sandbox............
So I resigned meself to repotting a few cacti this last weekend, then set half of them outside on the baker's rack down at the bottom of the steps that gets full southern and western exposure on a cloudless day. I'm tempted to move a few more outside to benefit from the heat and sun.
Apparently I have the motherlode of robins around here,but I'm enjoying them because I never had a good chance to appreciate them. There are two distinct families that are close enough by that the parents are fearless of me. Fledglings that are the size of their parents with speckled wings are hilarious, and there's a new nest in the dead holly bush that are the next ones to start testing their wings. I check them every day and those parents scold me.
As to the city faeries, they are most kind and I'm seeing more and more signs of them and hope to encourage them to venture into my yard as I lure them with my own remnants of faerie holler. A my time is short I will close but I will return and update my friends of adventures of dawgs, felines and the mad one up in eastern Tennessee. thanks for listening. I'm still waiting for updates from my friends out there!
maddie, up in the green bowl in Greeneville, surrounded by the Cherokee National Forest mountains and gardening in zone 6b - 7a
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