Bagworm Bombadier

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Last year I successfully fought off a bagworm
(and I do mean bagworm, NOT tent caterpiggle)
infestation on most of our conifers. Caveat to that is, we have 5 arborvitae that are at least 20 foot tall and in one case the foliage (or izzat foilage?) is on the order of 60 feet around at the base and there's no way on G-d's Green Oith I can get the bug juice I used (Bull's Eye from Gardens Alive - worked like a champ!) 56&PROG_NBR
up that high with a hand pumped air pressure sprayer like as to this:
SOooo, I was googling along and hit this
and wondered if anyone had any experience with it, or new of a better product or soltion to the origianl problem - bagworms I can't get to...
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