What can I use for moulding for base wall in garage?

We are getting Nature Stone floors and have painted drywall in our garage.
I would like to finish it off with base wall cove but all seem
to have to use interior temporature glue and not over a painted surface. Is there an
a product I can use or another inexpensive way to finish this off? Some of the
walls need 5-6" high base to cover block below drywall, but most walls need
just a 4" high product.
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You can use Composite Decking or PVC Baseboards. Silicone Caulk or Loctite's Powergrab work very well for your situation, but you'll need to screw-in a few (1 every 4-feet) Cement Screws or Tapcons to hold the molding tight to the wall for the glue to fully cure. Spray Paint the screw heads before installing and pre-drill the screw locations. - You can also do well with Brick Veneer (1/2-inch thick) or Tile glued to the wall with Thin Set tile adhesive. On a whole different level, just have the installers line the floor's perimeter with the same or different floor product. They'd simply stand them vertical for the floor to hold them in place.
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