help finding lightweight building material for creating hinged or bi-fold garage doors, carport too short for overhead doors

Just acquired a property for our son to rent, needs TLC. My problem today is finding a way to create doors
for the pair of carports that are side by side for some added privacy. The carports are too short & it is too expensive to make overhead garage doors practical. Surely I can't be the first person looking to solve this problem! I thought sliding at first, but after inspecting further, the way the carports are attached to each other, there is no where for the door to go. So, I am thinking hinged or bifold. We can go aproximately 7 ft high, and 8 ft wide. the openings are about 11 ft. wide. We will have to build a frame to hold whatever we do. Timber looks like it would be too cumbersome, thought about the panel look exterior Oc premium siding 4 x 8's? Route out 2 x 4's to make a frame to hold the OC siding? 1 x 4 for cross bars? Barn door hinges? Isn't there something more lightweight?
Am on a very tight budget so that
I know just enough to make me dangerous in the build it yourself world! Any help or suggestions would be helpful.
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It's actually a lot of area to cover. I'd say Painted PT plywood, Aluminum Diamond Plate or a Home Improvement store's cheapest garage doors with low-clearance hardware. But, you're probably looking at $250-$400 for each carport. You'll need a hefty bottom channel for bi-folds. - However, on the cheap-cheap. I'd have to go for Tarps stretched and screwed over a 2x3 pine frame and maybe throw a bunch of 2x2's in it. Or even, just a very heavily weighted Tarp setup that's just like a shower curtain from each side of each carport. Nothing cheaper comes to mind.
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