How to replace fuel line on Sears craftsman blower/vac???

Sears craftsman blower/ vac 25cc model 358.797290: fuel line broken......I have partly dis-assembled it trying to get access to fuel tank ....but can't find the the way to remove the rest of the plastic housing.....I've removed all of the screws but there must be some type of hidden clip.
I can't find any repair manuals on the net.
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You will need to remove the muffler, (2 bolts. Look for 2 case screws ,just like the others, 1 in front of the muffler, 1 above. The case should separate and the vac door, (spring loaded), will fall off. Tthe tank should lift out. Don't loose the shock mount serrated donut cushions from the engine to case. When reassembling, make sure to insert the flat nut, (for the vac attachment), into the diagonal slot in front of the vac door snap latch. Also before fully closing the case gap, install the vac door and reset the spring!!
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