Need help on a tripping breaker

Lost my business & now use a storage place for the extras.They allow a lil use of electricity plus thankfully they are also patient to let me work on my motorbike or car.I worked on a couple of old customers bike too but only on Sundays & early mornings when their office is closed.I got one job I wana do (restoring a Harley) that can put me back in business.Bought a compressor(15 Amps,120v,30 gal,150 psi) & it keeps tripping their breaker of the whole row of storage units ( about 10 of them).I'm out of it for a week now,never told the office not to invite them to see what tools I have in there & no one of my neighbors bother to do since they don't use much electricity like me let alone use it for side jobs.They don't even come.If they do it's daytime & don't need lighting.
The maintenance guy who knows me in the good old days & who got access to the office can help me change the breaker(we think is the problem) but I need your help what to do.Replace the breaker into a bigger amps or put an independant breaker in my unit so office don't know if it ever happens or what?
How many amps more should we go? Is there any problem if we go 5 r 10 amps more? Is there any complicated things,other than changing breaker? FYI,all units come with four 60 watts bulbs & i used power tool like dander,grinder,drill even mig welder before & had no problems at all.
Thanking u in advance for any clear understandable help & for taking the time.
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