Does pouring Cement over a conduit box disable the newly installed GFI? Is WAter damage possible?

Hello. We need your help!
Am remodeling bath. We dug a trench (in the cement) so plumber could change out pipes. We hired a licensed Electrician who installed a new GFI with its own breaker for the Jacuzzi pump. SO far so good.
Come time to test the Jacuzzi pump & new GFI…we find the pump works fine . . . but NOT on the new GFI, which is DEAD. Licensed Electrician came to check. Said we ruined the GFI with water. (Bathroom hasn't been used for months….no water present.) Claims there is WATER in the cement and that caused the damage . . . and that we SHOULD HAVE covered the conduit box before cementing with plastic.
Is there any truth to this? Cementing over a trench which houses the pipes & a conduit box DISABLED or ruined the brand new GFI?
We tested the Jacuzzi pump using other outlet. Pump works fine. New GFI is in-operable. Is the Electrician "scamming" us?
ps. the conduit box WAS embedded in cement PRIOR to digging the trench…at that time all was well. This same "conduit box" supplies electrical juice to several other locations in home. All works fine, however this "new GFI" ain't registering any juice. We need to know if the Electrician is being HONEST with us . . . or just looking for an easy way out.
Also, whose responsibility would it be to COVER that conduit with PLASTIC prior to pouring cement, if any??
Thank you SOOOOOOO much.
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