does pouring concrete over a conduit box SHORT OUT/DESTROY a new GFI box with moisture?

We are remodeling a bath. Dug a trench. Changed pipes locations & located conduit box simultaneously. Plumber done with new pipes. Electrician installed brand new GFI box with its own circuit for the Jacuzzi Pump Then, the tilers used quick-set cement to fill in the trench.
Once Jacuzzi tub installed in deck, we went to test the pump. Pump works, but not on the brand new GFI box. Electrician says "the conduit box got wet" "must have been when we poured cement to fill-in the trench. Can that be?
Electrician also said the tilers should have covered the box with plastic. Wasn't that the Electrician's job to cover it if it would be vulnerable to "any potential water damage?" What would you do?
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