what is the minimal distance for outlets code

Not from Florida, but, since Florida has adopted NEC (2008 revision if I remember correctly), NEC rules should apply. Two comments, actually:
One: NEC is concerned with <strong>maximum</strong> distance <strong>to</strong> outlets, not <strong>minimum</strong> distance <strong>between</strong> outlets. So, the idea is that there's no point along the wall in the room that's further than 6 feet from the nearest outlet. Say, you have a floor lamp with a 6' cord. You should be able to plug it into a receptacle without an extension cord regardless of where in the room (along the wall) the lamp is standing. That actually works out to 12 feet maximum between outlets (lamp standing in the middle, 6' cord can plug into either of the two outlets). Second: $8720 is quite a bit of work for cable running / outlet moving. Have they specified exactly what will be done for $8720?
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My contractor just added 8720 dollars to the budget stating that the florida code law asks for 6 feet between outlets, otherwise we will not pass inspection!! is this true?
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