Remove 2nd circuit from 12/3 run

Hi, I am remodeling my inlaws bathroom, and on the far wall (away from the door) there were 2 circuit runs - one for heat lamps and fan and another for a jacuzzi tub pump (3 switches total). The two circuits were run on a 12/3, then 2 separate 12/2 cables powered the heat lamps and fan, with a spur run to get power to the pump. Well, the jacuzzi tub was removed, so I do not (at least right now) need that circuit. And the fan that the 2nd circuit shared with the heat lamps was also removed.
Since I am cutting holes in drywall anyway, I decided to move the 12/3 line across the bathroom (near the door) to better locate the switches. But now I have what amounts to a cable with 2 circuits, but I only need one of them.
So my question is to find out if it is better (and allowed by code) to remove the circuit to the red wire (cutting it in the panel does not sound right) or just to keep it and use the second circuit to power something else on the side of the room I am moving it to. Seems kind of silly to have 1 circuit for 2 heat lamps and then use the 2nd circuit for just the main light. This whole thing would have been far easier if they just originally ran 2 12/2 circuits, but it is what it is. Anyway, any advice/opinions/teaching would be appreciated.
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Just wirenut and tape the extra circuit and tuck it back in the box. I am curious as to how you moved the existing wires from one side of the bathroom to the other wall? Did you have to splice and extend the wires? If so, what did you do with the junction box? You can't bury a junction box inside a wall. It must be accesable.
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