Rosemary & Frost

I've found references that suggest that Rosemary can tolerate
some frost, but how much is "some"? I have 2 plants in pots
on my porch that I've been bringing inside when there is a
chance of frost. So far we haven't had any frost, but it would
be nice to know when I have to bring them in and when I can
leave them outside.
Brian, in Cedar
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Brian Barnson
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It survives to the teens here in NE GA. It is a woody shrub here. The pots freezing would not be a good idea but frost, not a problem.
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GA Pinhead
Where is Cedar?!?
Rosemary is generally listed as hardy in zones 8 through 10, which means winter temperatures down to 30F. In my experience, they tend to be hardier than that, and do fine here in 7b where it occasionally drops into the teens. There are also cultivars available that are hardy in zone 6.
I believe that plants in pots do not tolerate as low a temperature as those in the ground, so would either bring in the pots or otherwise protect them from temperatures of 32F or below.
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I live in South Carolina, and I have rosemary plants in the ground and in a whisky barrel planter. Frost won't touch 'em, and neither does a bit of freezing weather. We have at least a few nights a year that get down to the teens, and plenty in the twenties. I never worry about the rosemary. We even have snow or sleet once, sometimes twice a winter, and it's never hurt the rosemary.
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Penelope Periwinkle
Thanks everyone, I'll get them through this winter by bringing them inside for anything below an expected -2C and next winter they will live in the ground, unless the deer have a fondness for them. Cedar is on Vancouver Island, just south of Nanaimo and is Zone 7 or 8. Some of the hardier palms survive here. Brian, in Cedar
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Brian Barnson
I'm in zone 6b, so I decided to bring my rosemary inside for the winter...we occasionally get below-zero temps in the winter, so I decided to play it safe.
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