Re(2): grape growing writes:

Be certain not to cut *anything* unless you have official word to do so which they (the City) will give you in writing it if needs to be done. The grapes should fall under a different code than fencing which is what may be being referred to. The grape support would fall under such things as a trellis. I'd definitely use the argument of bushes/trees, not a fence. Believe it or not, code enforcement people can be human occasionally. (If by some remote chance, you live in Vancouver, email me privately.)
About the black walnut, can you talk to her about it and bypass him and ask her to pull it up, explaining why? She may not be as enthralled with him now as she was in the beginning. If he's being that much of a horse's behind, it may be showing up inside the house as well and she might be more cooperative than she might have been months ago.
I suspect his apparent dislike of you is some sort of a jealousy thing, perhaps because you have your property and he married his, or maybe she has said something nice about you with him jumping to all sorts of conclusions. The thing about human beings, one can never really figure out what is truly going on in their minds. It sounds like he has some issues with himself and, unfortunately, you are the recipient of the overflow of his insecurities and maybe self-dislike. Who can really know?!
Whatever, don't let go of your extra grapes unless absolutely necessary! Enjoy.
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