ping George: you survive the free lawn watering?

Yup. Free rain water at high levels for the gardens and the lawn. I think the pear tree is growing faster now.
Up at 0530, used the flashlight to look at the rain gauge on the back fence. The gauge holds six inches of water and the float is on the ground. Looks to me that the rain is falling at about six to eight inches an hour and, probably will be going on for the coming week.
My weather app says an inch an hour for the next week. Thank goodness we bought a house on a goodly sized rise with good drainage.
Both vehicles parked on the concrete drive are very clean now. Free car wash. We shall see if the lady of the house is willing to drive through flood water to go to church. Hopefully she will sit it out and just do her prayers. Her church is in downtown Tomball, TX at a lower elevation than our spot.
No strong winds blowing here, just a steady rainfall, a gardeners wish comes true.
George, Miz Anne, still snoozing, and Tilly Dawg
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George Shirley
Sounds good. Too much water can be bad for some plants but better a garden failure than a house failure.
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