Pepper seedlings

A few years ago when I was visiting an HEB Central Market (fancy upscale grocery store in Houston) I bought a hot red pepper that looked interesting. It was about a Thia pepper about 7 inches long. Looked more like a fresh cayenne pepper, but even bigger than that. I dried it and saved it to plant the next spring -- and forgot about it. I found it in the back of the spice cupboard a week-and-a-half ago and decided I needed to plant it this year or throw it out. I cracked it open to get the seeds out, and it was full of gray mold. :-( As I was coughing and sneezing from the capsicum released in the air, I couldn't tell if the seeds were OK or not, so I planted all of them in a little cardboard flat. I was worried whether I needed to use a fungicide or not, but decided against it. Then I took it to work and set it on the radiator in my office for some bottom heat. (The radiator just circulates warm water, not hot.)
Two days later (yes, two!) the first pepper seedling was just poking thru the soil. The next day, a couple more. I took them home and set them under my grow lights. It's been just over a week now, and the little pepper plants look like grass they are coming up so thick.
I have no idea what I'm going to do with so many pepper plants. But it's a nice problem to have -- especially when there's still snow on the ground, but it's beginning to look and smell like spring.
This weekend I plant tomato seeds...
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