Onion seed question

How long should I wait after my onions drop seed before I replant the
seeds? Do they need any special conditions before they can germinate
i.e. a period of cold storage/weather?
Are the answers different for radish seed?
EJ in NJ
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Ernie Willson
No special storage, except they are pretty much only good for one year. Plant them as soon as the ground can be worked in late winter and let them decide when to come up. (i was going to try planting them in early winter just before the ground freezes and see what happens and I didn't get a round tuit)
I think radish seeds are good for several years. No special treatment at all required.
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Thanks for the reply.
Let me rephrase the question..How long is it between when the seeds harden and fall off the plant and when they become "viable"? (ready to germinate).
Are they ready to germinate when they fall off the plant?
Thanks, EJ in NJ
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Ernie Willson
If the weather is correct in your growing area, onion seeds are ready to germinate once they dry out. No need to wait. Jim in So. Calif.
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What if they are just pulled off the seed head when they are about 1/2" wide and planted right away. Would this give me a fall crop of new onions?
Darrell Ulm - Zone 5
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Darrell Ulm

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