one more day

and i'll be done with the major redo of the
north garden. i was hoping to have it done by
the end of August and lo and behold... :)
i've finally weeded myself into the north-
western corner. there's three huge rocks there
that will remain so once i get close enough i
just have to level and we'll cover/smother what
is left in that spot and plop/roll the rocks on
there (which will save me about an hour of
weeding if i don't have to go through that
space so carefully). once i finish this large
garden i have to redo the first strawberry
patch (a quick job, perhaps three days in
comparison to a month). and once i get that
done i can start on the big north east garden
which needs some attention too (i figure that
might take me all of September with everything
else going on), before getting on to working
on what we call the River Nile. the end of it
needs some erosion control and i need to
reshape it overall so we can mow it easier than
how it is set up now. i figure i will be busy
right up until the ground freezes as usual.
which is good. i'd rather have stuff to do
than not and the weather is good for getting
heavier projects done as it gets cooler.
in other news, we put up the first round of
tomatoes last night. 16 quarts. should be a
few more rounds out there and some we picked
that are still a little green yet so they'll
ripen up and get put up eventually (or eaten
the beets came out today, one of the various
critters around here returned and ate more of
them so we figured we'd might as well get the
ones that are left out of there. we'll have to
scrub and cook those up tonight or tomorrow.
beans i will start going through the patches
today to check for pods that are close enough
to pick so they can finish drying (we have
night time heavy dews/fogs this time of the year
so i often will pick pods and finish them in
box tops before shelling them). there looks to
be a pretty good crop of the various beans. so
i'm always excited to see what Mother Nature
has done (cross breeds or growing out ones i've
already found). i planted between 50 - 100
varieties this season so always fun to see which
did ok and which didn't make it. for the most
part i didn't lose many bean plants that i could
tell vs. the edamame soybeans (the three plants
that made it past sprout stage are still alive).
and i also need to check the red peppers for
ones that are ready to be roasted up or eaten
so, yep, the crazy season has started to kick
in. or at least the crayzier than normal season...
in critter news i was able to get a video of
the turkey vultures flying about a week ago,
i could watch them fly all day:
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