New compost technique

I have happened upon a somewhat embarrassing situation. I am an organic gardener living in Sydney, Australia. I live outside the greater Sydney area and am afforded a somewhat suburban living. My nearest neighbor is roughly 3 km away from my home. I thought I was alone the other evening at dusk and as I always do, I went out to my compost pile to take a dump. Yes, thats right. I grunt right smack dab in the middle of the compost heap. After all, it it's good enough for donkey dung and cattle feces then my human offerings won't hurt things. Besides, I eat only organic foods. My droppings are actually healthy. If I consumed a lot of meat on a regular basis then I could understand some of you presenting an argument against my technique but I literally shite carrots and bell peppers. They're just recycled. Thats all. My neighbor caught me. I had just squated down and commenced to business when he walked around to the back yard and saw me. I knew I should have waited until it was all of the way dark before I unleashed my brown gold. Startled, he pretended not to see me and beat a hasty retreat. I was afraid that he find out my secret ingrediant that produced much bigger produce than his. What should I do now? Should I lie and say the plumbing went out?
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