mini cloner

Put this together a short while back as an experiment. seems to work well for basal cutting, haven't tried it yet on hardwood cuttings. Pics are towards the center, a big red Folgers Plastic container, an unused aquarium pump, line and air stone. a strawberry basket with clay pellets. a weak liquid fertilizer for nutrient.
Also, there is a pic of the roots from a basil top after 8 days to show results. No reason you could not grow the plant to maturity in this system. Propagation mat to keep the temp level would also help but watch the temp is not set too high, especially midday.
The clay support is somewhat abrasive so you don't want to be moving the cuttings around too much or you will sand off the fine roots that are forming. Washed gravel would work equally as well. Other support material could also be used. I figure to make the cuttings a bit longer because I want the end to come out the bottom. Now I am putting the pinch backs into the bucket and growing them. /
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