Is My Apple Tree Sick? (or how to take better care of it)

Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

From the pictures you provided, I was struck by the small amount of leaf foliage. This may not be a disease. Are you fertilizing and mulching this tree?
The other concern I have is your climate zone. The Yellow Transparent is rated cold tolerant in your zone, but the other consideration is the number of chill hours this tree is receiving. Most apple trees need a minimum number of hours of temperatures between 32 and 45 degrees to satisfy their dormant rest period. There are certain low chill varieties, but I'm not sure about your variety. Is the person in your area who gave you the tree growing the same variety, and with what success?
As long as the blossoms on your crabapple are opening about the same time as your apple blossoms, there should be no pollination problems.
Your leaf damage looked minimal and the fruit did not look attacked. You may not have to do much heavy spraying. A general orchard spray applied as needed, should do the job.
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