Gourd? Melon? ID please!

It sprouted in April and I thought it was a canteloupe. It grew a single stem with five or six sets of leaves until it was about a foot tall, and then it made a group of buds right in the center in the top. The flowers are deep cup shaped and lavender or pink, After it bloomed it made another branch, which made a bud right in the middle in the top. It has now made four branches, The entire plant is a foot tall and about three feet wide all around. The two oldest branches bloomed a second time in early July and each has set one fruit . The fruits lare medium green , about three inches long right now, and are shaped sort of like dipping gourds except that the STEM end is the bulbous end and the other end is long, narrow, and curled. The leaves and stems are sticky and they smell.very bad.
Nobody around here (south Mississippi Zone 8) knows shat it is.
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