Good tomato fertilizer?

Good old compost even if it is from a bag. Add some eggshells, a banana peel, and keep a fish tank for homemade "fish emulsion". Every 2 weeks, I clean my tanks and pour the water onto my potted plants. My babies did very well except that I have fusarium wilt on several tomato plants. Not sure how I got it, but it's there. Luckily I have some resistant varieties too so it's not all lost. The eggshells are for calcium to prevent blossom end rot and the banana has potassium. Also excellent for rose bushes. Mine bloom quicker when I stick a peel under the soil around the plants.
I make a small heep of grass clippings, leaves, newspaper shreds, apple peels (son hates those), strawberry tops, pine needles, rabbit droppings (with tree shavings), and whatever plant scraps I can get out there. Just keep piling it up on the ground where you want to plant next year. The worms will take care of it. Get a shovel after a month or two and dig into the pile. Toss it around a little. Next year you will have a nice compost area to plant in. I have "Bush Goliath" tomatoes in last year's pile and they are the only plants that are still green and have not got the wilts. They have tons of fruit while the rest of my friends have no tomatoes and just vines what few haven't got the wilts. My bunnies love to nibble the plants and they haven't destroyed them yet. In fact, they nap under these nice bushy tomato plants. The other plants aren't so lush but they are also in pots and I used bagged compost from WalMart. Not nearly so good as the homemade stuff.

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