Good time to seed radishes?

I'm in central Illinois and was wondering if now would be a good time to
spread some radish seeds in the garden?
It seems early but over the last couple of years I've tried them more
toward late April and by the time the seeds germinate and the radishes
grow it gets hot then they bolt and/or get woody.
So what do you guys think about me spreading some radish seeds in the
garden right now?
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what is your forecast like for night time lows? i'm pretty sure it is below freezing here at night for the next week (and probably longer with chances of frost) last night it was 19F.
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looks like germination is over 50F, not sure about frost tolerance since i usually don't grow them until later (i only like a few sprouts and that's about it).
3-6 weeks before average last frost date sounds like they have some tolerance for cold/frosts. read link... gives plenty of good info.
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