garlic planting

Would like to plant some garlic in the ground. I hear fall is the
right time. Where can I get some? How should I fertilize it? How long
until harvest? I live in Nor. VA near DC. Any websites with info
would be helpful.
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I pointed him at my personal page as a starting point. Garlic near our gummint has _got_ to be a good idea!
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Gary Woods
Yes. Given that you are south, you can wait until november. In Michigan, we will plant one of these weekends. There is no penalty in doing it earlier.
By now quality garlic seed will be gone at most reputable nurseries. But, a decent farmer market nearby will have some hardneck for sale and it will be just as good as the expensive seed garlic. This group generally despises the softneck that you can find in supermarkets. Softneck is vastly inferior for home planting. Hardneck will be distinguishable from supermarket garlic due to its very hard stem. At the farmer market, it is usually sold with a piece of stem -you will have no problem seeing which is which.
Garlic has one of the lower nutrient requirements amongst veggies. Rather than fertilize, I would suggest that you mulch heavily, because garlic has trouble with weeds, but not with fresh leaves that can mat and kill the shoot as it tries to emerge. I prefer wood chips, but well rotten leaves will also do. Interplanting with lettuce in the spring is also an efficient way to mulch.
Probably July. I harvest in early august. Harvest when the plant starts yellowing, and don't wait too long or it will start splitting.
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there in Northern VA.
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