Well the first of my lettuce is in, but I had to stand in the rain to do it. Weird day. The sun would come out, and I would go out, and every time I went out, it would start to rain again. I planted some of my beet starts as well. They are about 3 times the size of the volunteers that are coming up from last falls broadcasting of seeds. I have about a dozen more to plant, but I don't know where. The tomatoes will go in as soon as I get a hoop house up, or mid May arrives, whichever comes first. Leeks, onions, and shallots are popping up in the root garden, where I also planted the lettuce. The borage is alive, as is the bergamot, and the echinacea.
Got a cold storm comin' in tomorrow evening. None of them fancy temps like they got in Missouri or New Jersey. I got plants outside, and I don't want them to freeze, so I'm constantly checking the weather forecasts. One more week and I should be out of the woods. I'll still be in a forest, but out of the woods, oh, never mind. Last few years February and March have been mild, and April, like this year, has been wet and wild.
The wisteria is about a week away from lookin' really good. The newly planted potatoes aren't showing any sign of life, but the volunteers from last year are up and doin' fine. The oregano is filling out, and the thyme is greening up. The chives are back, but the free range parsley has disappeared. Fortunately, the potted parsley is doing fine. The sorrel is an evergreen, it seems, just waiting for the potatoes.
I'll be potting up the last of my tomatoes tomorrow, the Hawaiian Pineapple, Glacier, and the Caspian Pink. That will give me 12 different kinds of tomatoes out of 17 plants, if the Yellow Pear volunteers again. (2)Gold Medal, (2)Striped (Old) German, Koralic, (2)Marmand, (2)Brandywine, Blondkopfchen, Green Zebra, Hawiian Pineapple, Stupice, Caspian Pink, Glacier, Yellow Pear I love smelling the tomatoes. They smell like summer.
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