So how many lost some Maters and, or Peppers due to the weather last night
in the South? Mostly speaking of South Carolina, North Carolina, and
Georgia. It didn't get as cool as they thought in Anderson, but it did reach
about 35 at daybreak but that was very short lived.
Mr. Greenleaf
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Mr. Greenleaf
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My peppers and tomatoes looked fine, although the Morning Glories looked sick this am, they recovered nicely. Summerville, SC, it did get a good chill, but no frost.
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Sammy Shuford (Starship)
Monday morning 35 on front porch....light frost on lawn...lost nothin..tomatoes, squash, and corn were covered with with everything we could muster except the kitchen stove
Frank middle GA (Baldwin County)
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Frank Thompson
Snow flurries on Monday and a FREEZE last night. I covered over my fern-leaf peony (nearly ready to bloom) and my poppy (really big buds). I know the garlic and leeks will be fine, hope the peas and onions will manage, and expect the recently arrived perennials to do alright pushed up against the house and covered with a lean-to.
In all the years I've lived here in SE Michigan, I don't ever remember snow in May.
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Pat Kiewicz

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